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We don't ask, how can it be even cheaper? We ask ourselves, how can it be even better?

Our fabrics are all ÖkoTex Standard 100 certified and come from Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. We select our leather skin by skin personally at our traditional dealer in Munich. The leather details are produced in a fine tailor's shop at the Tegernsee. Low-emission transport is important to us, so we have no intermediate storage. Your favorite piece will be shipped directly from the manufactory to you.

The Three Armadillos - a unique world!

Can you make the world a little better with our fabric belts?

We think so, because every belt is made by hand in our tailor shop in Germany since the company was founded in 2009 only when you order it. We know no overproduction and no expensive storage costs. Our seamstresses are looking forward to your individual order. From the first seam to the packaging of your personal belt, everything is done by hand and with love in Germany.

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München TV zu Gast im Nähwerk

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