Dog Collars & Leashes - Three armadillos come to the dog ...

2020 - The Year of the Dog

Actually, 2020 was the year of the rat - at least if the Chinese calendar is anything to go by. But according to the German Canine Association (VDH), another animal was big in the running: Man's best friend, the dog. The sales figures for the faithful four-legged friend shot up by a whole 20 percent last year. In Munich alone, the company and production headquarters of the Three Armadillos, there was a threefold increase in new dog registrations last year.

What lasts long ...

... finally becomes good. The creative minds at Drei Gürteltiere have also been preoccupied with the topic of dogs for quite some time. Again and again customers inquire about dog leashes and dog collars matching the individual fabric belts from the assortment or configurator. After the brown Labrador dog Carlos moved into the Drei Gürteltier company office in the summer, it was clear that the range would be expanded.

Dog leashes and dog collars

Tow leash, lead leash, flexi leash, short lead or retriever leash? Dog collar or dog harness? The market for dog leashes and dog collars is versatile and geared towards different purposes. For dog owner and animal they are usually the most important accessory, whereby functionality always comes first. Through the leash, the quadruped is restricted in its movement and can be guided. The collar is the attachment point for the leash and should be comfortable to wear for the Zamperl and not cause any injuries.

Short guide, lead and classic collar ...

... are the three products, which you can get in our online store. With the short lead you get a 1.15 m long lead with a one-sided carabiner, which makes it possible to lead the dog very close to heel. Perfect for the city and due to its small size well stowable in the jacket pocket.

You do everything right as a dog owner*in with the leash, if you are looking for a versatile everyday leash. A total length of 2 m, carabiners at both ends and integrated O-rings give you a free hand and the greatest possible flexibility in the length required by the situation. During long walks with free running you can also hang it around your neck.

In the end, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to the collar: high-quality plastic fastener with safety latch in black or chic click fastener in gold or silver? Thanks to the respective color-matched length regulator, there is certainly something here for your pelt nose. Likewise, the robust, tear-resistant canvas or twill made of 100 percent cotton as well as the ribbed ribbon can be customized in the configurator and are available in countless combinations.

Individual, handmade, colorful

As with all of our products, we also focus on high quality and value with our colorful dog accessories. So both the new leashes and collars come from the same socially sustainable sewing factory as our fabric and leather belts. Made by hand, from Munich, according to your wishes.

Hund mit Halsband