Toile-de-Jouy: Better than any trend - timelessly beautiful in fashion

Trends come and go. The term generally refers to an observable tendency or direction, a lifestyle change and transformation in society. So it often happens, especially in fashion, that trends can only claim a short-term raison d'être before being replaced or superseded by another.

In the case of the well-known French pattern toile-de-jouy, people always like to talk about a trend. But strictly speaking, it is not so much a trend as a classic that, thanks to its timeless beauty, is not dependent on intermittent comebacks.

The French luxury goods company Dior has been leading the way for decades: No fashion season is complete without a collection featuring the classic, figural print in red or blue on a white background.

Christian Dior Rock Toile de Jouy

Originally, the "fabric of Jouy" is named after its place of manufacture, Jouy-en-Josas in France. Detailed, pastoral, figural or floral depictions adorned smooth and tightly woven cotton fabrics even in those days and were printed on them using engraved copper plates. Rural scenes and floral arrangements subtly recall the Chinoiserie, a direction of European art, which was based on Chinese models.

All those who prefer to set specific accents with the fine pattern, will find again with us from now on. Already at the foundation of our company in 2010 our fabric belts made of Toile-de-Jouy fabrics were an integral part of our assortment. Now you can choose between classic blue or romantic pink in our new collection as fabric belt or shoulder strap for handbags. Très chic!